Evaluation Camp 2021

The West Van Warriors Evaluation Camp for the 2021/2022 hockey season is scheduled for early April 2021. 

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Exact dates to be confirmed.


The West Vancouver Hockey Academy was founded in 2015 as a high performance hockey development program, becoming the only accredited Hockey Canada Sports School on Vancouver’s Northshore. The Academy joined the Canadian Sport School Hockey League in 2016, and has since expanded to four male teams playing in Bantam Varsity, Bantam Prep, Elite 15, and Midget Prep divisions. As a national leader in education based hockey, the CSSHL has established itself as  the league of choice for youth hockey development. 


Developing the next generation of values-based leaders and responsible difference makers in an inspiring environment of sport, leadership, and education excellence.



With conviction and determination.


In everything we do.


Through our attitude and actions.

Building Championship Habits







The education our students receive is top ranked in BC. With our Sport School accreditation, students attend class in the mornings, and attend the hockey academy each afternoon. As such, students receive full academic credit for 2 courses – Physical Education, and Theories and Principles of Hockey. We expect students to attend all classes, participate in a manner reflective of program values and of strong leadership attributes, and be as committed to education as they are to hockey. 



The West Van Hockey Academy is a fully accredited Hockey Canada Sport School program, playing in the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL). An expected number of games played each season is between 40-45 games. Hockey development  takes place throughout the school year (Sept – March), with additional skill development available in April through June. Our professional coaches are responsible for the development of each and every player, and a successful season of team progress.  We also strongly encourage our students to be involved in additional activities, sports, and interests. 

Leadership and Personal Development

Our leadership culture is apparent in all aspects of our academy and development. It is our goal to have our young men grow into contributing leaders of their classroom, peer group, and community. This foundation is built by choosing a positive attitude, having respect for yourself, your peers, and your environment, and committing to creating a culture of responsibility, accountability, and fun. Students can expect to be involved in regular goal setting, season progress plans, personal development initiatives, and areas of responsibility that span beyond the hockey rink.



Jason Krog

Head Coach- Bantam Varsity| Academy Skating & Skills Coach

Darcy Zajac

Head Coach- Bantam Varsity| Academy Skating & Skills Coach

Jon Calvano

Head Coach- Bantam Prep

Enio Sacilotto

Head Coach- Elite 15

Steve Marr

Head Coach- Midget Prep

Ryan Kerr

Assistant Coach- Midget Prep

Eric Williams

Goaltender Coach

Clint Colebourn

Assistant Coach- Elite 15


Nathan Fischer

Founder | Academy Director | Associate Coach

Hailey Christensen

Administration and Communications Coordinator


  • Scott Marchant, CAT

    Academy Athletic Therapist
  • Dr. Gord Bird

    Academy Doctor
  • Dr. Jordan Leith

    Academy Orthopedic Surgeon


  • Brad Kahn

    Director of Strength + Conditioning
  • Deon Smith

    Strength + Conditioning Coach
  • John Hyatt

    Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Ben Benicky

    Strength + Conditioning




On ice training, and off ice training will take place predominantly within the athletic facilities of Hollyburn Country Club.

Hollyburn has a 52 year history and was established on Vancouver’s North Shore in 1963. In 2014, Hollyburn completed a $15 million dollar capital upgrade and expansion to the club, and in 2016, Hollyburn arena facilities underwent another $2.5 million dollar capital upgrade. The club is situated on 42 acres overlooking the Burrard Inlet and downtown Vancouver, housing dedicated facilities for 9 sporting activities, including 2 sheets for ice hockey.

The hockey program at Hollyburn has a strong history, and has produced a number of notable alumni players, coaches, and officials throughout the BCHL, WHL, NCAA, AHL, NHL, and International leagues. 


Our programs involve off ice training programs developed and designed by professionals at Hollyburn’s High Performance Centre. These professionals have, and continue to work with a stable of professional athletes across multiple sports, including the National Hockey League.

Hollyburn also staffs a number of professional therapists who are available, and on site daily for preventative and reactionary injury care. Every week, students  will be involved in 2 strength sessions, 1 conditioning session, 1 alternative training session, and 2 video review sessions.

Alternative training will include, but is not limited to: yoga, pilates, spin, and plyometric programs. Video review sessions include personal review sessions, team review, and team preparation sessions. We will utilize our natural surroundings and incorporate a number of training routines involving the local mountain landscape when possible. This includes training on the Grouse Grind, trail running, and mountain hiking. Total off-ice training time over the course of the season is estimated to be 168 hours. Students will also be encouraged to pursue team activities outside of hockey that are available at Sentinel school, and in the local West Vancouver community. This may include rugby, football, soccer, and/or baseball.


Education | Academics

Students in the Academy are enrolled in academic courses in the mornings, with afternoons scheduled to include student’s on-ice and off-ice training at Hollyburn or Canlan.  Students will be expected to exceed satisfactory levels of performance in their classes, with above average grade requirements as part of their team commitment.  As part of the their curriculum design, students have a custom education timetable that contains for-credit courses offered in the afternoon as part of their athletic training.  Facilities are available at both Hollyburn and Canlan to assist with student learning, homework, group work and tutoring sessions.

Leadership and Personal Development

A key value metric of our program is exposing our student athletes to other elements of life discovery, leadership, accountability, and personal growth. This has been a primary driver behind the founders desire to establish WestVan Warriors | Spartan Sport Group. We strongly believe that a well-rounded individual is a happy individual, and only when an individual is happy and comfortable with themselves can they reach their true potential in sport and in life.

We exist so that our students can be successful in all aspects of their life, and this fundamental belief is shared amongst academy staff, coaches, and our founders. We strive to build leaders, and we believe that by focusing on this aspect it is irrelevant whether a young man becomes a professional athlete, entrepreneur, tradesperson, or artist. Our leadership pyramid is a foundation and cornerstone of responsibility for our students that will aide in their success on and off the ice.

As part of our commitment to personal discovery and growth away from the ice and classroom is our integration with activities and external resources that expand horizons for our students. Our exploration program contains a number of different components that our students will be required to participate in and provide a minimum hourly commitment towards.

Some areas of this program will include community engagement volunteer activities, goal setting, personal management, family connectivity, and financial concepts. Our students will also be exposed to a number of individuals and organizations from diverse backgrounds to assist in broadening their life horizons.