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Sentinel Secondary School Sentinel

Secondary School is located in West Vancouver, a short 300 metre walking distance to the athletic facilities of Hollyburn Country Club. This provides an ideal partnership between locations. Current enrollment is 1200 students in Grades 8 through 12, with French immersion course selection available

Sentinel consistently ranks as one of the very best schools in British Columbia, and we are proud of this partnership that places an emphasis on strong academic performance. Students will be expected to exceed satisfactory levels of performance in their classes, with above average grade requirements as part of their team commitment.

Courses delivered at Sentinel will take place in the mornings, with afternoons scheduled to include student’s on-ice and off-ice training at Hollyburn. As part of their curriculum design, students have a custom education timetable that contains for-credit courses offered in the afternoon as part of their athletic training. Facilities are available at Hollyburn to assist with student learning, homework, group work, and tutoring sessions.


Leadership and Personal Development

A key value metric of our program is exposing our student athletes to other elements of life discovery, leadership, accountability, and personal growth. This has been a primary driver behind the founders desire to establish the Spartan Sport Group. We strongly believe that a well-rounded individual is a happy individual, and only when an individual is happy and comfortable with themselves can they reach their true potential in sport and in life.


We exist so that our students can be successful in all aspects of their life, and this fundamental belief is shared amongst academy staff, coaches, and our founders. We strive to build leaders, and we believe that by focusing on this aspect it is irrelevant whether a young man becomes a professional athlete, entrepreneur, tradesperson, or artist. Our Spartan Leadership Pyramid is a foundation and cornerstone of responsibility for our students that will aide in their success on and off the ice.


As part of our commitment to personal discovery and growth away from the ice and classroom is our integration with activities and external resources that expand horizons for our students. Our exploration program contains a number of different components that our students will be required to participate in and provide a minimum hourly commitment towards.


Some areas of this program will include community engagement volunteer activities, goal setting, personal management, family connectivity, and financial concepts. Our students will also be exposed to a number of individuals and organizations from diverse backgrounds to assist in broadening their life horizons.